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Here are some probable questions (FAQ) you may wonder about and the respective answers
for them are listed below:

Q: What is JobAdsAssam or what is its Motto?

Ans: JobAdsAssam is basically a website mostly searched by the unemployed youth
of Assam or the people who are in search of a better job (if employed already). The
site provides all the updated informations about different kinds of job vacancies at
different positions on many categories like central level, state level, district wise
(covering the districts of Assam) jobs, private sector jobs etc. and you will also get the
details about the examination process, eligibility criteria, exam dates, results and so
on. Besides these, forms for the jobs and books are also available here in this site.

Q: Who is the author or legit owner of the site JobAdsAssam?

Ans: The site is developed and being maintained by Arindam Bayan who has completed his PGDCA and he has completed B.A.

Q: When was it established?
Ans: The site was officially launched on 10th of May, year 2020.

Q: How can I contact you?
Ans: Please drop a mail at admin@jobadsassam.com or webpagebpt20.live@gmail.com.

Q: I want to work at JobAdsAssam. Are you willing to hire?
Ans: Thanks for your interest. But we are not hiring anyone at this time. JobAdsAssam is a one-man team till date. In future if I think about it, it will be notified.

Q: Do you accept guest posts?
Ans: No.

Q: How do you earn from this website?
Ans: I have not earned from this website right now. But we are going to be partnered with some advertising programs like Google AdSense and other similar sites which will help us to earn.

Q: Do you accept affiliate advertising requests?
Ans: Yes, advertisements are most welcome. Importantly, they should be free of contents that promote hatred or violence.

Q: What are the things required to start and run a website?
Ans: Mostly your dedication & hard work, a good knowledge on computer programs and technically a domain and a hosting plan.

Q: The hardware and software you are using?

Ans: Desktop having configuration- Intel core i5 8th Gen,ASUS Z390 motherboard, 256 GB SSD(WD), Toshiba internal 4TB HDD,Corsair Vengeance 8 GB RAM,Corsair VS550 Power Supply,Cooler Master K380 Cabinet,Benq monitor (GW2280), Mouse Logitech G102, Keyboard hyperx alloy fps also a 2 TB external Seagate backup plus.
Mobile- Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, I phone 7.